Elgin Separation Solutions is your one-stop-shop for vibrating screens, horizontal & vertical vibratory centrifuges, screen scrolls, profile-wire & polyurethane screens, water intake, belt wipers, and custom manufacturing needs.

Elgin Separation Solutions Products

Horizontal Screens

Tabor Thane

Vertical Screen Scroll

Reverse Incline Screens

Modular Panels

Horizontal Vibratory Centrifuge

Incline Screens

Profile Wire Screens

Horizontal Screen Scroll

Multi-Slope Screens

P3P System

Vertical Vibratory Centrifuge

Rotary Breaker

Curved Static Sieve

Teeter Bed Separator

Belt Wipers

Coanda Screens

Jacquelyn Coating

Flat Panel Screens

Impact Beds

Moon Sliders

Industrial Heaters

Screen Cleaning Systems

Cylindrical Screens

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